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Your New Home: What’s Really in the Price?

HALIFAX, NS - - A new neighbourhood is more than just the houses that line the streets. There are many pieces that make up the whole, including critical infrastructure. It is important for new home buyers to understand where their money is spent and what they pay for in the final purchase price of their new home.

In light of HRM looking to add further costs to new residential construction, the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association (NSHBA) would like to remind Council of what exactly the new home purchasers currently pay for in regards to infrastructure in HRM.

In short, new home purchasers pay for ALL of the infrastructure that is associated with new home construction, including: 

  • Road building and paving 
  • Water and sewer lines 
  • Utility poles and wires 
  • Application, legal and engineering fees 
  • Sidewalks 
  • Street trees and landscaping 
  • Sodding 
  • Street lighting 
  • Walkways joining different streets 
  • Dedicated parks, walking trails and playgrounds 
  • Contribute to the upgrading of downstream existing central services and waste water treatment plants

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) benefits from this development process by collecting the revenue from taxes, fees and other charges, while receiving these new services at no charge to them.

“Raising fees may seem an easy source of revenue, but at whose cost,” asks Paul Pettipas, NSHBA CEO. “It all results in the home buyer paying more, no matter which way you look at it.”

Pettipas adds that this fact often gets buried amongst the talks and information sent out from HRM when new costs and fees increases are implemented, but the reality is, someone has to pay, and that someone is you, the home buyer.

The Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association is the representative voice of the residential construction industry in Nova Scotia. The mission of the Association is to provide professionalism in all aspects of our industry and provide quality, affordable housing choices for Nova Scotians.

For more information contact:

Paul Pettipas
450-5559 / 497-9636 


Sherry Donovan
NSHBA Communications Director
450-5558 / 497-0493
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