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 Lot 433 Hanwell Drive
Sunset Ridge Subdivision, Lower Sackville


37 (Lot 59) Viridian Dr.
Willow Ridge Subdivision, Dartmouth


Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Home

…the future of housing in Nova Scotia!

When it comes to advanced building practices, Nova Scotia leads the way for innovation. This makes the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes project all the more exciting!

Featuring some of the highest energy-efficient options currently available in residential construction, the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will provide Nova Scotians the opportunity to learn how to incorporate new building techniques and products in their homes.

Energy costs continue to rise and there continues to be a growing concern for the environment making energy efficiency a top priority for new home construction.  Homes are being constructed every day with systems, materials and components to help reduce energy consumption and promote conservation.  

The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will help raise awareness about energy efficiency and educate homeowners, industry professionals, government, architects and consumers about options for energy efficient design, construction, materials and equipment.  Two demonstration homes will be built to a minimum EnerGuide rating of 92 and will be on display in the Halifax Regional Municipality for those who want to gain a greater perspective of what is possible in new home construction.   

These homes, one located in Dartmouth and the other in Lower Sackville, will feature the latest energy efficient systems, materials and components and will serve as local benchmarks for energy efficient home design and construction in the future.  In addition, both homes will be a part of the Performance Plus program. Each phase of construction will be documented and displayed throughout the building process.

The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will be completed by October 1st and open to the public at that time for viewing.  Progress on the homes will be updated continuously on the soon to be launched program website with photographs, videos and information on the builds.  

Watch for more news soon!

The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Home.
Ready for public viewing on October 1, 2011.