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Getting ready for Fall Weather

September has typically been known as hurricane season in Nova Scotia and with the threat of Hurricane Earl looming in the distance it is important for homeowners to be prepared. This is just the start of the season, but it is important to make sure steps are made to keep everyone and your property safe in the event of inclement weather.

This is even more important if you are building or renovating a home as there tends to be more materials on site and debris that could create damage to your home, or your neighbours.

A few tips to consider to help keep your site safe during the weather include:

  • Arrange to have dumpsters removed or emptied off your site
  • Ensure all debris around your house or construction site is removed
  • Secure or remove unnecessary materials or equipment from the site
  • Reschedule material deliveries so you won’t have extra material onsite which may cause damage if not secured
  • Make sure you have important numbers available to reach your contractors if damage does occur
  • If you are working with a contractor, make sure you communicate with them to gain a better understanding of what they are doing to keep your site safe

“It is important to be prepared in advance of bad weather and the result will mean potentially less damage than if you wait until the last minute,” says Paul Pettipas, chief executive officer of the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association. “Understanding ways to keep your home safe is an important tool for everyone.”

For more information on building or renovating contact the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association at 450-5554 or visit our website at

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