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Performance Plus – A great opportunity for your new home

When it comes to building your new home the choices you will make throughout the entire process are extensive, from choosing your builder, the house location and design, what products and features you want to include, to name but a few. One new option, which will be of great benefit to your home’s energy savings, is the opportunity to participate in the Performance Plus program.

The Province of Nova Scotia announced its Performance Plus new home energy efficient rebate program on Tuesday, September 7th which provides new home buyers with an opportunity to incorporate greater energy efficiency into their home and to receive rebates based on the home’s energy performance.

“Anytime there are programs that further the education and awareness of energy efficiency while rewarding consumers for their commitment to making the changes, it is a win for everyone,” says Paul Pettipas, chief executive officer of the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association. “This program helps to continue to advance the way homes are built in Nova Scotia and challenges others to continue to make energy efficiency a priority.”

The rebate amounts for the new Performance Plus program include:

EnerGuide rating of 83 or 84 - $3000
EnerGuide rating of 85 to - $5000
EnerGuide rating of 88 and above - $7000

An additional $200 rebate is available for Performance Plus homes that are Solar Ready and a rebate of $1000 is available if solar equipment is installed.
Nova Scotia Power Inc. also has various rebates for homes that reach an EnerGuide rating of 83 or higher.

Applications for the EnerGuide program can be found on the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ website at and the eligibility criteria for the Performance Plus program can be found on Conserve Nova Scotia’s website at

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