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Is it worth it to Renovate?

When it comes to renovating your home there are a number of questions homeowners ask themselves before they begin. A few of these include whether or not it is actually worth it to renovate. Another question that is frequently asked is whether or not all of the disruptions the renovation will create are actually worth it for the family. The question that crosses many people’s minds is whether or not it is worth it to do the renovations themselves, or to hire a professional renovator.

All very valid questions in the decision making process and can mean a great deal toward the difference between a positive renovation experience or one in which you would rather forget about.

The whole idea of whether or not it is worth it to renovate should be looked at in depth by the homeowners in terms of the work that is needed. What renovations are you considering? Will you be staying in your home for many years? Does your home meet the size requirements for your family? Are you satisfied with the location of your home, the neighbourhood you live in, the amenities that are around your home, the schools, etc.? How is your health and those living in the home – and if this is a concern, can the home be adapted to meet any changing health requirements? If you are satisfied with your home and feel that it meets your family’s needs, but that it just needs some changes, renovating may be the best option instead of selling the existing home relocating to a new home.

If the decision is that renovations are the best answer, the next step is to understand and prepare for what the renovations will mean to your lifestyle while they are taking place. Without a doubt, when it comes to renovations, the whole goal is to make changes and with that comes some form of disruption. It is important for homeowners to prepare for this and make sure there is a good understanding of what this will mean for the family. Every renovation is different, but you want to make sure guidelines are set before the renovation begins to ensure people working in your home have a clear understanding about smoking areas, use of bathroom facilities, daily cleanup, etc. As I mentioned, renovations do cause disruptions in your day-to-day lives while they are taking place, but being prepared is key.

When it comes to whether or not you should hire a professional or do the work yourself you need to consider the scope of the project. If the renovation includes just minor repairs you can probably do this without much difficulty. If the renovation is of a larger scale you will want to hire a professional. Remember, professionals have the experience to make sure the renovation is done correctly and they will have liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage to ensure everyone is protected. You will also want to consider the amount of time it will take you to complete the renovation versus the length of time it will take a professional who has the expertise and proper equipment. And remember - get it in writing.

For more information on your renovation planning, visit the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association’s website at

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