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Choosing your Neighbourhood

Deciding to build a new home is a large investment and you want to take the time to do it right. One of the many questions that should receive a great deal of your attention once your decision to build a new home has been made is the location of your home.

Although this may not seem as appealing as choosing a home design, fixtures and colours, it is an important step you will be glad you took the time to research. You want to make sure you not only enjoy your home, but also the neighbourhood in which you choose to live.

Some items to consider when choosing a neighbourhood for your family include:

  • Are there schools and playgrounds located in the area that you are looking at? Will your children have to take a bus to get to school or will they be able to walk?
  •  How close is public transportation to your home? If you regularly depend on public transportation then you want to make sure it is easily accessible from where you are looking to build your home.
  • What amenities are close to the location, such as grocery stores, fitness facilities and shopping facilities in the area? Are there any plans for future amenities for this area?
  • Do you prefer larger lots in a neighbourhood to allow for greater privacy or do you want a smaller lot that will not involve much outside maintenance?
  • Are there any restrictions or covenants in the neighbourhood that may have an impact on your new home?

To find out what is available in the neighbourhoods you are interested in, check with your builder and real estate agent to make sure the needs of your family will be met.

For more information on building or buying a new home, request a new home package on the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association website at

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